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Todo Verde interviews Reina Prado of Healing Queen and Good Mexican Girl

WOC in Business: Reina Prado

We sat down with Reina to hear more about her journey with her baking company, Good Mexican Girl, and her work as a holistic practitioner under the name Healing Queen.
February 07, 2019
Dish from My Vegan Restaurant in Pasadena, California

Todo Verde's Top 5 Vegan Restaurants

We’ve rounded up our team’s top 5 favorite Vegan restaurants in L.A. along with our favorite dish from each location.
January 22, 2019
Vegan mexican dessert ideas

Black Arroz con Leche Recipe

Our Black Arroz con Leche is not only beautiful took look at, it’s actually quite easy to make too! We broke down one of our favorite recipes for you to share with your loved ones! 
January 03, 2019
Todo Verde interviews Noelle Reyes, owner of Mi Vida Boutique

WOC In Business: Noelle Reyes

Noelle Reyes, owner of Mi Vida Boutique shares with us how she balances her time as a full-time mother, career woman and entrepreneur . . .
January 03, 2019
Todo Verde vegan mexican seasonings for meatless meals

Cocina con Todo Verde Playlist

January 01, 2019
Paola Guasp of Amara Kitchen

WOC in Food: Paola Guasp

Amara Kitchen was founded in 2013 by Paola Guasp + Corrina Becker-Wayman.

In 2018, Paola took over Amara Kitchen as full owner. We sat down to talk about her journey as a Latina business owner . . . 

November 16, 2018
Vegan Mexican brand Todo Verde, offering vegan advice and recipes

Health Benefits of Chia

If you grew up in a Latinx household, you’ve most definitely seen, consumed, or cooked with Chia seeds. These powerful little seeds have been cultivated and used by our ancestors for hundreds of years. 
January 18, 2018
Vegan bread pudding recipe

Vegan Capirotada

If you’re anything like us, we love giving into our sweet tooth cravings! One of the main joys of becoming vegan, (other than the obvious health benefits!) is finding new ways to recreate our favorite recipes with healthier substitutes . . . 
February 03, 2017
Vegan Mexican dinner ideas

Cooking with Familia

One of the things we love most about holidays is cooking! We love being able to cook hearty and healthy (vegan friendly!) meals for our friends and family and watching them enjoy the dishes we’ve created.  
November 23, 2016