Frequently Asked Questions

Is your menu gluten free?

The majority of our menu is gluten free. The only items that contain gluten are the Poblano Cornbread and Poblano Mac and Cheese. Menu items listed as “GF” are Gluten Free.

Is your menu soy free?

The majority of our menu is soy free. The items that contain soy are the Papas con Tofu and Chorizo. Menu items listed as “SF” are Soy Free.

Can I order a small order (for less than 10)?

Unfortunately not, our minimum for catering is 10 servings.

(Note that ordering for 10-20 will likely be a pick up from the kitchen as our delivery minimum is $500)

Can I sub out items in a package?

We’re happy to sub out 1-2 items in a package to better meet your needs. We can only sub out beverages for beverages, entrees for entrees, salads for salads etc. Note that if it is subbed out for a more expensive item from the menu there will be an adjusted per person price. If you’re looking to swap out more than two items we suggest ordering from our menu a la carte.

Do you provide dishware?

We provide compostables for a fee of $1 per person. We provide compostable palm leaf plates and wooden utensils for events such as weddings for a fee of $2.50 per person.

We do not provide glass dishware or silverware. We can provide compostable plates, napkins and plastic utensils and cups upon request for an additional fee. Check out our list of preferred vendors for dish and party rentals!

Do you deliver?

Yes! Delivery is free for orders within a 5 mile radius of our kitchen At the ford theater in hollywood. Minimum spend for all deliveries is $500. Our delivery fee is $3/mile for every mile outside of the 5 mile radius. Some deliveries may be made by a third party service depending on our team’s availability, and additional fees may apply. However, if an event is outside a 15 mile radius, there must be $1,000 minimum spend.

Are you able to staff and service the event?

Yes. We are able to staff events in accordance with COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Do you provide alcohol?

Yes, we can provide bar service for your event and have a full liquor license.

Do you serve alcohol if I provide it?

Yes, we can serve beer and wine if provided and as long as the venue holds a liquor license. The additional cost of a server’s time to serve will be added to your proposal.

Where do you get your tortillas?

Our tortillas are organic blue corn tortillas from Kernel of Truth Organics. 

Will tortillas at the event be handmade?

By default tortillas with your order will be premade. If you would like to have freshly made tortillas made onsite, we will need to staff a server to prep the tortillas, or allot for additional staff/prep time before service begins.

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