I started Todo Verde in 2015 not only because I wanted to serve and nourish my family with enjoyable, traditional dishes in a plant-based form but also so that we might spark necessary conversation about the impact of food on our bodies, our communities, our planet, and our legacy.

Food deserts are one of the leading causes of preventable diseases plaguing low income communities of color. Growing up in Southeast LA, it was matter of fact that there were plenty of fast food chains and liquor stores in the neighborhood, while at the same time there was a lack of access to healthier food options. As I started navigating my own health issues as I grew older and saw health issues plague my immediate family, I also started to see these preventable diseases present in our wider family and community. It made me feel almost desperate, to try to figure out what we needed to do to change. The thing that felt most attainable to try to change was the food that we ate.

In They Don’t Want Us to Eat Breakfast: A Conversation with ChefsFeed, chef Jocelyn discusses the intersectional systemic issues that create lack of access to healthy food in our neighborhoods and shares her perspective on ways we can address their impact to better uplift ourselves and our community.

January 27, 2021