“It’s really important for us to change the narrative. No, we are not just [our] grandmother’s cooking. We are historians, we are documenting the food of our times as we go along. We are narrating our reality.” 



Join us for a very special episode of Beyond the Recipe in conversation with master baker Roxana Jullapat of Friends & Family as she guides us through a collaborative plant-based lemon tea cake available at Friends & Family throughout the RE:Her Food Festival January 21 - January 31! We partnered with Miyoko’s Creamery to make the perfect cake, and used freshly picked meyer lemons from chef Jocelyn’s garden. Be sure to follow chef Roxana for more details on her forthcoming cookbook, Mother Grains: Recipes for the Grain Revolution, available for presale next month!

Baker Roxana Jullapat, a Los Angeles native of Costa Rican and Thai descent, pursued a degree in journalism before turning to cooking. While taking a break after graduating from college, Roxana found herself baking a tarte tatin in the kitchen of Café Figaro in the bustling neighborhood of Los Feliz. Her fate was sealed. Over the next ten years she held tenures at nationally acclaimed restaurants including Campanile, Bastide, Lucques, AOC and Clarklewis. In May of 2017, she opened Friends & Family bakery, where she has fully manifested her appreciation for ancient grains and California’s seasonality in her breads and pastries. She’s an advocate for garden-based education, and volunteers often at school gardens around town. Her first cookbook, Mother Grains: Recipes for the Grain Revolution (W.W. Norton), will be released in April of 2021.


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January 26, 2021