We wanted to make sure that in this space, Guadalajara was celebrated, original Highland Park was celebrated [and validated]… where so many of us grew up going back and forth. Something to feel proud of and excited about and really highlighting ourselves in [our] different presentations. 



We’re making cocktails in another one-of-a-kind episode of Beyond the Recipe as we speak with queen Corissa Hernandez of XELAS and Nativo on collaborations happening for the RE:Her Food Festival happening now through January 31. Be sure to check out her Mezcal flight event at Nativo and woman-owned breweries beer flight collab between XELAS and La Guelaguetza.

Corissa Hernandez is the co-founder and co-owner of XELAS, The Empire Tavern, and her latest endeavor, Nativo in Highland Park. Not only is she the fermenter of fun, but she’s also an LA native who was rooted in Boyle Heights and brings an authentic feel to each one of her passion projects. 

Never losing sight of the importance of giving back, Corissa has partnered with over a hundred aspiring chefs and restaurateurs of color. Drawing from her own experience as a first-generation college student and Latina entrepreneur, she takes pride in creating opportunities for entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities unfamiliar with the competitive landscape of business ownership. She aims to create a fun and safe community for POC in the Los Angeles area.

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January 26, 2021