There’s a lot of work to do, and I think becoming a mom and having a daughter also made me think about that more. What do I want for her, and what do I want to be different for her? [Starting RE:Her] really showed us that a lot of other women were feeling the same and were looking for a network as well. Because the truth is men have had this for a long time… but now it’s our time. 



We’re going Beyond the Recipe this week with chef and founder Sandra Cordero of Gasolina Cafe. Sandra is also the cofounder of RE: Her Food Festival happening now through January 31, supporting women-owned restaurants. We talked about what it takes to find work/life balance in the restaurant industry and the gender equity conversations that sparked the creation of RE:Her. Be sure to head over to Gasolina Cafe this weekend to try some of the amazing collaborations happening, including vegan paella!

What do you get when you mix a dash of Spanish fire, a generous pinch of Dutch practicality, with a heavy serving of wit? Well, you get the recipe of success for Sandra Cordero.

A first generation immigrant by way of Amsterdam and Galicia, Spain, Sandra Cordero endeavored to create a place that combined her passion for local farmers and their produce, with an unbridled enthusiasm for the food of her homeland, done exceptionally well. In other words, she wanted a place that reflected her point of view. So, in 2015 she founded Gasolina Cafe, a Spanish influenced restaurant on Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills, CA.

Gasolina Cafe has not only been a place to eat incredible food but it’s also become the heart of the community.

It has been the birthplace of great loves, friendships, and many family celebrations. Since the pandemic has started Sandra and team Gasolina also contributed to the community by cooking over 30.000 meals for local healthcare workers, seniors and under-served communities.

Though, if you asked Sandra, her greatest pleasure happens after business hours when she gets her arms around her own little one, a daughter rapidly becoming a tween, and the family’s two mutts, at the end of every hard fought day.

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January 29, 2021