We are so proud to present “Living Resistance”, an installment of this year’s Digital Festival by The Ford Theatre and co-curator Jocelyn Ramirez. Bringing together healing practitioners and activists exploring wellness in communities across Los Angeles and beyond, “Living Resistance” is a multifaceted show inviting audiences to participate in creating a sense of home and belonging in a world where self-love, acceptance, and freedom can feel like radical acts of resistance. Join us in diving into the history of community farming and food justice, sharing in activities around physical and mental space, nurturing bodies with nutritious fuel, and finding movement in music, dance, and yoga.

Thank you to our collaborators

The Ford Theatre

La Loba Loca

Leah Rose Gallegos - People’s Yoga

Taller Bula

Yesika Salgado

Dancing Diaspora

Graciela Zapata

October 17, 2020