“We’re not afraid of making mistakes because we believe in the mission of what we’re doing: to really pass on this teaching of we can feel ourselves, and we can come back to ourselves, and we can have joy amidst chaos.” 



This week on Beyond the Recipe, Jocelyn talked to Leah Rose Gallegos of People’s Yoga about opening the first and only yoga studio in East LA and how they’ve pivoted to live and on demand online classes and weekend in-person outdoor classes BLVD MRKT. Leah also talks about why yoga is such an important practice especially during this tough year.

Leah Rose Gallegos, Jefa + Instructor

HOMETOWN: Born and raised in Highland Park


I’ve been vegan/vegetarian since I was 9 years old

I’m a musician, singer, and in a band called Las Cafeteras

I was once invited to try out for the US Women’s National Soccer team (and then tore my ACL)

WHY I PRACTICE: it’s the perfect blend of strength building, toning and stretching, with a whole lot of self love and mental health!

WHY I TEACH: to give people the opportunity to remember and realize their own power, resilience, beauty, and brilliance.

A CLASS WITH LEAH: … is spontaneous, encourages deep exhales, mindful, body positive, easy going, full of planks (unless it’s a basics or gentle class), and guided by a great soundtrack

WHEN I’M NOT AT PEOPLE’S YOGA, I AM... playing, entertaining, feeding, etc with my baby girl, rehearsing or touring with my band, attempting to catch up on emails, taking walks around my neighborhood, eating vegan tacos and tater tots with my husband, or listening to podcasts


IG: @leahrosegallegos


IG: @peoplesyoga

People’s Yoga on-demand classes


IG: @lascafeteras

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November 12, 2020