“I would ask questions a lot about how [estheticians] were doing their business… And I was so inspired because all of these estheticians are in a better position to be entrepreneurs and it’s so empowering.”



This week on Beyond the Recipe we’re in conversation with Elizabeth Palomares-Michael of PIEL PEEL about her journey as an esthetician and why skincare is just as important for POC. She even gives us tips on preventing maskne and avoiding hyperpigmentation!

Elizabeth Palomares-Michael has been a licensed esthetician for 12 years and most recently became certified to be a phlebotomist. Her passion for skin care began at a young age. Seeing her mother suffer from melanoma and post-inflammatory pigmentation sparked a curiosity in her about skin care that has continued throughout the years. Elizabeth’s motto is simple, the skin speaks to you and if you are in tune with yourself you will be able to hear what it needs. As an esthetician, she considers herself a healer. The skin is our largest body of organ and deserves to be treated with the utmost care and respect.

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November 25, 2020