“I saw there was this overlap between how hard it is to be a Latino, a millennial, and an immigrant. So I decided to create this [artwork]… for me to break these stereotypes that people were putting on us. And I put it online and it blew up because people were feeling the same way.”



Listen in on this conversation with Jocelyn and Mike Alfaro of @millennialloteria about disproving stereotypes and why he started his remixed version of the iconic Loteria cards we all know and love!

Mike Alfaro is an award-winning Creative Director and Writer. He was born and raised in Guatemala, but now resides in Los Angeles, CA. Aside from creating the viral Instagram @MillennialLoteria, now a #1 Best Selling Game on Amazon, he has also worked on creating successful advertising campaigns for brands like Taco Bell, SoCal Honda, and Jack in the Box. 



IG: @millennialloteria

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September 18, 2020