Bristol Farms is where you go to explore and indulge. It’s the gourmet grocer of choice for Californians, where food enthusiasts like us come to explore a world of unique products, flowers, and freshly-made food.

From artisanal cheeses to farm-fresh produce, Bristol Farms has a carefully curated selection of the best finds around, and we’re bringing you six of our favorites. These gems are worth the trip to your local location


Yellow Bird Serrano Hot Sauce bottle

Yellowbird Classic Serrano Hot Sauce

A tangy twist on classic heat. Featuring Serrano peppers, cucumbers, garlic, and lime, this flavorful hot sauce adds a zesty kick to your dinners.





Diced tomato can

San Marzano Diced Tomatoes

Simple flavor with tomatoes from California. This brand boasts a thicker flesh, fewer seeds, and a sweeter, less acidic taste than others like it.




Peruvian sofrito pack

Fillo's Peruvian Lentils Sofrito

Infused with red sofrito and extra virgin olive oil, these lentils deliver a vibrant cilantro kick. They’re ready to eat, non-GMO Project Verified, vegan-friendly, and rich in plant protein.





Todo Verde taco seasonings

Todo Verde Taco Seasonings

True-to culture taste with a plant-forward twist, available at all Bristol Farms locations in three distinct flavor profiles:

Al Pastor

  • Made with fruity ancho and mild guajillo chiles along with earthy achiote, this chef-curated premium seasoning has a smoky flavor with hints of sweet pineapple and tangy citrus.


  • Made with aged black garlic, meaty porcini mushroom, and warming cumin, this chef-curated premium seasoning has an earthy flavor with notes of umami richness.


  • Made with bold chipotle morita, sweet panela and tangy tomato, this chef-curated premium seasoning adds tang and heat to any dish.


Jar of salsa

Mrs. Renfro's Salsa, Tequila, Medium

This brand was founded in Texas in the 40’s, and it's blue agave-infused salsa is made with no HFCS and no gluten.





Walnut milk carton

Elmhurst Unsweetened Walnut Milk

Created without any added gums or emulsifiers, this plant-based milk option is smooth and creamy. It’s super simply-made, and delicious in a bowl of cereal.



Uli's gelato carton

Uli’s Gelato

A premium frozen dessert made from seasonal ingredients sourced from various locations, such as blueberries from Bakersfield, CA, and renowned saffron from Baku, Azerbaijan. This quality gelato is one of our woman-owned businesses to find at Bristol Farms.




Rooted far jar

Rooted Fare’s Black Sesame Crunchy Butter

A Chinese-American-inspired spread that combines black sesame seeds, peanuts, a hint of sugar, and crispy bits to create a subtly sweet, versatile addition to toast, noodles, fruit, and more. It's a plant-based, small-batch delight.



Jasmine Pu’erh Milk Tea from twrl Milk Tea 

Made with tea leaves from century-old trees, this plant-based canned milk tea is organic fair-trade, contains fifty calories per can, and is nitro-infused. Be sure to check out all their flavors! 

January 06, 2024