As part of an all-new series, we’re giving you ways to spice up your life with our plant-forward, abuelita-approved flavors. You may think of popcorn as being an all-American movie snack, but did you know the dish is believed to have originated in Peru?! Keep reading to learn more about this internationally-loved dish, and how you can put a Todo Verde spin on it. 

How do you say popcorn in Spanish? 

It depends. Each region seems to have a unique name for popcorn, ranging from rositas de maiz (translated to little roses of corn) to “el pop.” See this regional map with all the ways Latin Americans say “popcorn:”

Map of different spanish words for popcorn



1/3 cup popcorn kernels

3 tbsp neutral flavored cooking oil

1 packet Todo Verde Tinga seasoning

Salt to taste

2 tbsp melted butter



  1. Heat a medium pot to medium/high heat
  2. Add the oil and kernels
  3. Top with the lid, and gently shake sothe oil is evenly distributed
  4. Allow to pop for about 3-4 min then remove from the heat. Let the popcorn sit to finish popping off the heat.
  5. Drizzle with the melted butter
  6. Add the Tinga seasoning and any additional salt to taste
  7. Shake the popcorn in a bowl to evenly mix

Recipe: @leslieee__garciaa


If you’re not making popcorn the old-fashioned way, consider adding a bag of Tinga seasoning to your microwavable popcorn, or sneaking it into the theater for a little thrill! Our seasoning bags are tiny and quiet to open, so you’ll go undetected on your journey to flavorful popcorn (and entertainment!). 

Staying in? Consider these Mexican classics:

Amores Perros (2000) a psychological thriller/drama that links three people based on the love of their dogs. It’s highly-rated on Rotten Tomatoes

Y tu mamá también (2001) a coming-of-age story that’s definitely not family-friendly.

El Topo (1970) a western-style retro film with gorgeous cinematography, available with English subtitles.  

Or these amazing telenovelas from the 90’s: 

  • La sonrisa del diablo
  • La última esperanza
  • Sueño de amor

If you’re planning to add our Tinga seasoning to spice up your next movie night, tag Todo Verde on Instagram so we can see your full movie spread. Enjoy! 

August 06, 2023
Tags: tinga