“so, what do vegans eat?”

Agar agar, spirulina, seitan, liquid smoke… all ingredients that add more depth of flavor and nuance to plant-based eating. But if you haven’t cooked with them before—let alone heard of or come across them in a grocery store—it can be difficult to know where to begin! In Plant-Based Pantry Staples: An Overview, chef Jocelyn will walk you through a variety of her favorite and most-used kitchen ingredients from meat alternatives and legumes to greens and flavor enhancers. Many of these ingredients—such as tofu, lentils, cilantro, and chiles—are familiar, easily accessible, and cost-friendly.

Grab a notebook (and a snack!), watch our video and learn key tips like where to find and how to creatively use our top plant-based pantry staples. Drop a comment below sharing your favorite ingredients and recipes!

February 04, 2021