From mouthwatering meal ideas to clever kitchen hacks, TikTok is full of inspiration for plant-powered eating. In case your algorithm isn’t yet serving up leafy green, great ideas about eating plant-based, Todo Verde has you covered with our round up of plant-forward tips. 

Use what you already love as your guide.

“Keep it simple,” says Shakayla Felice, a plant-based influencer sharing tips on her TikTok page. When working to eat more plant-based meals, she suggests, use ones you already love as your muse, and simply find plant-based swaps for any meat, dairy, and eggs in the dish. 

A great example of this is taking a carnitas burrito, for example, and using jackfruit or mushrooms as your meat replacement. Add a little Todo Verde Carnitas seasoning to your substitute protein, and you’ve got a perfect Mushroom Carnitas Burrito that satisfies your craving and honors your plant-based lifestyle. 

Don’t just remove, replace.

A popular mindset shift talked about in plant-based eating communities is focusing on the benefits you gain by eating plant-forward meals, rather than the food you’re missing out on. Taylor Carberry, a Registered Dietician and TikToker, has a similar idea when it comes to meal planning: “Don’t just remove cheese, add nuts. Don’t just remove chicken from your salad, add chickpeas or tofu.” These replacements, she says, can help ensure you’re getting adequate calorie and protein intake. 

Tabitha Brown, a beloved Vegan influencer (and personal favorite of the Todo Verde team!) uses a similar mindset about her eating, as seen in this TikTok where she uses meat replacements to curb her craving for seafood. 

Don’t be afraid of fermented foods.

Fermented foods are rich in probiotics and offer a multitude of health benefits. “They’re an absolute weapon,” says Jeffrey Boadi, a plant-based author and influencer from the UK. “Evidence shows fermented foods are huge in terms of disease prevention.”

Foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha have gut-healthy live bacteria that can help improve your tummy health, and maybe even your mind! Emerging research around the intricate brain-gut connection shows that a balanced gut microbiome is linked to numerous benefits for our mental health, including potential reductions in anxiety/depression, and improved cognitive function.

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Add flavor to your food, always.

Whether by seasoning, roasting, or marinating, be sure to add flavor to your food. You don’t need sophisticated cooking techniques or years of experience in the kitchen to bring some life to your meals, and dull food won’t keep you plant-based for long! 

“Boring food will kill your motivation,” says Coach Lydia of @plantbasedfoodcoach. Adding extra flavor to her food, with methods such as toasting nuts and coconuts, she says, is how she lost 100lbs, and has remained plant-based for 20 years. 

Todo Verde agrees, and it’s exactly why we’ve been developing plant-based, high-quality food seasoning that provides abuelita-approved tastes of Mexico. Try our seasoning trio out for yourself. 

Balance your plate.

When you’re eating plant-forward, be sure to mindfully arrange your plate with a variety of food sources (and colors!) for a well-rounded, nourishing meal. “Fill half your plate with non-starchy veggies, a quarter of your plate with slow carbs, and a quarter of your plate with protein,” suggests Registered Dietician and Influencer Charlotte Martin, MS, RDN, CPT. “Don’t forget to add a healthy fat!,” she concluded. 

By thoughtfully combining different nutritional elements on a colorful plate, you can create balanced and visually-appealing meals that you’ll look forward to eating again. 

Embracing a plant-forward lifestyle doesn't have to feel daunting. With the help of a friendly plant-based community and content, you can find flavorful recipes, smart ingredient swaps, and the encouragement you need to keep at this important lifestyle. Your body (and our planet!) will thank you for it.

March 27, 2023
Tags: tik tok