Todo Verde is thrilled to announce a major win at the Specialty Food Associations' Winter Fancy Food Show's “Fancy Face-Off” pitch competition. Chef Jocelyn Ramirez, our founder, secured the top spot in a three-minute pitch about her passion behind creating Todo Verde. 


The competition featured notable contenders such as Eric Ruiz of Eric’s Nopales, Eric Ji Sun Wu of Sobo Foods, and Mariah Wood, representing Tilden Cocktails. Pitches were delivered in front of both a live audience and a panel of judges. 


The Winning Pitch

Chef Jocelyn's culinary journey is deeply rooted in family traditions. “I watched the matriarch of my family cook with grace, love, passion, and flavor. She instilled in me a deep passion for food. Todo Verde is what I bring to the table,” she shared in her pitch.

Addressing a culinary discrepancy, Chef Jocelyn highlighted the departure of hard shell tacos popular in the U.S. from authentic regional taco styles in Mexico.  As a true-to-culture brand, we offer a solution with Non-GMO Mexican seasonings in Al Pastor, Tinga, and Carnitas varieties, promising an authentic taste of Mexico in just 20 minutes.

Chef Jocelyn's booth at the Fancy Foods Show

Judges Cathy Strange of Whole Foods Market, Gary F.X. LaMorte of Honest Hospitality, and Sheree Williams of The Global Food and Drink Initiative praised Todo Verde's seasonings. Cathy Strange commended the delicate balance of flavors, while LaMorte appreciated the product's upgrade to existing options.

Sheree Williams lauded the authenticity of Chef Jocelyn's product, highlighting its genuine representation of Mexican culture. Todo Verde not only satisfies taste buds but also tells a compelling story through Chef Jocelyn's culinary expertise.

As the Fancy Face-Off champion, Chef Jocelyn Ramirez secured a $10,000 prize for our work, a promotional package, and a copy of SFA's The State of the Specialty Food Industry and 10-Year Category Tracking and Forecasts, 2023-2024 Edition. This victory is a testament to Todo Verde's commitment to authentic cuisine and Chef Jocelyn Ramirez's culinary excellence.

February 02, 2024