“Something that I really think is important to identify is: how do you want to take up space in your industry? What does that look like for you?”



Check out our latest episode of Beyond the Recipe with Todo Verde's Jocelyn Ramirez and entrepreneur Zoila Darton of Our House LA and Word Agency, discussing motivation, handling challenges, favorite recipes, and more.

Zoila Darton is a Panamanian-Jamaican Jew from NYC currently living in Los Angeles. She is a passionate innovator, skilled connector & creative director with 10+ years of success in the business of community building and marketing. She is the founder of WORD, an LA based creative agency committed to cultural storytelling & conceptual ideation that puts creativity at the forefront while supporting advancement for women & marginalized communities. She has created meaningful marketing campaigns and consumer experiences for brands like The Los Angeles Philharmonic, Red Bull, Foot Locker & Lululemon. In December of 2019, Zoila launched OurHouse.la - an editorial site created to support creative storytelling. She hopes to provide a platform for anyone who wants to use their voice.

Zoila’s most important title is "Mama" to her 2 1/2 year old, Dakota. She is committed to raising a kind & emotionally intelligent human and works daily to show Dakota what that looks like. In the in-between moments, Zoila enjoys volunteering her time to support youth development, dancing like a maniac, tending to her growing plant familia, learning to surf and cooking a mean veggie ramen from scratch. Yes, even the broth!

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Word Agency

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July 27, 2020