“That’s where the name Viva La Bonita was born, because I feel like when you are self-empowered and you believe in yourself and you give yourself those pep talks, you radiate beauty from within… Whoever you are, you have magic inside of you, you just have to learn how to use it.” 



Join us this week on Beyond the Recipe as we talk with Rachel Gomez, founder of streetwear brand Viva La Bonita about following your dreams, getting support from family, and empowering women of color!

Rachel Gomez, 32, was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Rachel’s business knowledge and drive were born from her experiences working in Fashion Retail which lead her to the inspiration for her brand, Viva La Bonita. A women’s streetwear fashion brand rooted in self-empowerment with an emphasis on the Latina Community. Instagram became the platform where Rachel would amplify the voice of Viva La Bonita which then resulted in a powerful community. Since then, Viva La Bonita has created a consistent message for women to never give up on their dreams and never forget their worth. Through Rachel's hard work and bigger picture vision, Viva La Bonita is on it's way to becoming an influential women’s lifestyle and apparel brand.

IG: @iam.rachelg


IG: @vivalabonita

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September 04, 2020