“I was able to fund my own business… and make sure to stay true to my values and make sure to make decisions that were not [immediately] good for margins but were good for the future health of my hair.”



This week on Beyond the Recipe, join Jocelyn Ramirez in conversation (and therapy session) with the inspirational Julissa Prado about starting her curly hair product line, Rizos Curls, and how she stays motivated to continue to grow her business. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Julissa Prado is the Founder & CEO of Rizos Curls, a Latina-owned hair care line aimed at embracing and celebrating the beauty of curls, coils and waves everywhere!

After years of making her own curly cocktail and being the “curl whisperer” within her community, Julissa decided to launch her own hair care line Rizos Curls. The result is a line of products made with quality natural ingredients that works across a variety of curly hair textures. The brand has amassed a global following of #RizosReinas, becoming a favorite among the curly hair community, shipped to over 57 countries and now available at Target stores nationwide! 

As one of the leading faces of the beauty industry and entrepreneurship, Julissa is an active national speaker with past speaking roles at Harvard University, The Girlboss Rally & the U.S. Department of State for The United Nations, among others. She also proudly organizes curated events and resources centered on entrepreneurship, including the Rizos Curls Small Business Summit. 

Julissa holds a Masters in Business from Wake Forest University, is an alumni of UCLA, and has held corporate leadership positions at Nestlé.

IG: @julissa_prado


IG: @rizoscurls

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August 16, 2020