“It’s important for people to start creating their own platforms because no one else is going to give us that space.”



Watch Todo Verde's Jocelyn Ramirez and Chicano Eats' Esteban Castillo in conversation on our series Beyond the Recipe talking about community impact, entrepreneur life, and more.

Esteban is a queer Chicano (Mexican-American) who lives in central California with his partner, Billy, and three dogs, Nomi, Rigby, and Jepsen. He is a communications specialist and graphic designer by day, and a home cook and reality TV connoisseur by night. He is also the author of the award-winning food blog Chicano Eats, where he explores his bicultural identity as a Chicano through stories and food.

Esteban’s cookbook, Chicano Eats is officially available to purchase. You can find out more about Esteban and follow his work at the following links:


IG: @chicanoeats

FB: @ChicanoEats

Twitter: @ChicanoEats

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July 11, 2020