“This radical transformation… what are we [millennials, the majority age demographic in the United States] going to do about it? I don’t think there’s a greater call to action or mission than to be like ‘Yeah, I’m going to act on not just my behalf but on behalf of my neighbors, my community, and my family.’” 



2021 has already been eventful, to say the least. For our first Beyond the Recipe episode of the year we wanted to speak with the inspiring advocate Amanda Miguel, founder and CEO of Pinche Millennial. Watch the episode and get motivated with us as Amanda shares tips for entering civic engagement, building and maintaining momentum, as well as why millennial participation is so crucial right now!

Amanda Miguel is a 90’s baby born and raised on the Southside of Chicago – marking her a quintessential millennial born on Air Jordans and tacos al pastor. Her love for her community and people power fueled her passion for civic engagement and politics. Creating Pinche Millennial is an extension of her commitment inviting her fellow millennials to move from awareness to action.


IG: @pinchemillennial

Twitter: @PinchePartiPod

Podcast: Pinche Parti(cipation) Podcast (streaming everywhere)

Youtube: Pinche Millennial

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January 15, 2021