Al Pastor Seasoning

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Making tacos Al Pastor at home just got wayyy easier!

Fire up our seasoning with any of your favorite proteins. We’re plant-based and love adding to sliced or shredded mushroom varieties, crumbled extra-firm tofu, rehydrated soy protein curls and crumbles, shredded jackfruit, beans, and so much more.  

  • Naturally gluten free and vegan; and certified non-GMO
  • Simply season your desired protein and cook with oil for 15-20 minutes
  • One Al Pastor Seasoning tin makes over 50 tacos, so say hello to taco heaven

We’d love to know how you put our seasoning to work – share a review with us once you get cooking!

Made with fruity ancho and mild guajillo chiles along with earthy achiote; this seasoning has a smoky flavor with hints of sweet pineapple and tangy citrus. Our seasoning makes 50 tacos per package, making it an affordable, quick and delicious option any weeknight!

Al Pastor comes to us from central Mexico with origins in Puebla. It’s typically prepared with marinated pork meat stacked on a trompo (vertical spit grill) similar to shawarma. This dish's flavor profile includes smokey notes of mild guajillo chile, earthy achiote paste which give it its distinct color, and pineapple. Recipes vary from family to region sometimes including notes of cinnamon, clove cumin and more. 

Some of the most skilled taqueros are known to catch falling shreds of Al Pastor with a tortilla lined hand and top each taco with a small slice of grilled pineapple, diced onion, minced cilantro, and salsa of choice (we prefer salsa de aguacate). 

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Love it!
It was delicious! I have tried it already on jackfruit and Ground turkey tacos. The tacos were savory and smelled amazing! I will definitely keep adding this spice to most of my dishes.
— Anonymous