Handmade Artisan Ceramics Plates Set - Cilantro

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Featured in the La Vida Verde cookbook, we found the ideal ceramics to highlight our platos fuertes, side dishes, y desserts. These elegant and playful ceramics are perfect for serving family-style meals! They can also be used for decorative purposes.

2-piece Handmade Artisan Ceramics Plates Set in Cilantro (dark green) come in 3 sizes:

  • 2 large (10.5” diameter) plates

  • 2 medium (9” diameter) plates

  • 2 small (6.5” diameter) plates

  • Handmade in Michoacán by Maria Inés Leal Garcia, a ceramic artisan in Capula, Michoacán. Her work is critical for the preservation of ceramic traditions and has been featured in the Berkeley Art Center. She uses gas kilns to make lead-free ceramics.

  • Hand-painted by the artisan with the traditional flower motif used in Capula. This decorative technique is referred to as “capulineado.”

  • We sourced a limited number of ceramic plates from Inés for the spring season.

  • This type of traditional ceramic plate is very fragile. Handle with care.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Love it!
It was delicious! I have tried it already on jackfruit and Ground turkey tacos. The tacos were savory and smelled amazing! I will definitely keep adding this spice to most of my dishes.
— Anonymous