Bestseller Bundle: Taco Trio + Cookbook

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Our Bestseller Set brings together the best regional Mexican flavors in one value set!

Fire up our seasoning with any of your favorite proteins! We’re plant-based and love adding to sliced or shredded mushroom varieties, crumbled extra-firm tofu, rehydrated soy protein curls and crumbles, shredded jackfruit, beans, and so much more.  

  • 60 plant-based Mexican recipes from ceviche, mole, tacos, flan and so much more
  • Seasoning is naturally gluten free and vegan; and is certified non-GMO
  • Simply season your desired protein and cook with oil for 15-20 minutes
  • One Taco Trio Set makes over 100 tacos, so say hello to taco heaven

Bestseller Set includes:

  • 1 La Vida Verde cookbook, signed copy
    • Follow along with Jocelyn Ramirez as she transforms the traditional dishes she grew up making alongside her Abuelita into wonderfully flavorful plant-based meals everyone will love. 
  • 1 Al Pastor Seasoning
    • Made with fruity ancho and mild guajillo chiles along with earthy achiote; this seasoning has a smoky flavor with hints of sweet pineapple and tangy citrus.
  • 1 Carnitas Seasoning
    • Made with aged black garlic, meaty porcini mushroom, and warming cumin; this seasoning has an earthy flavor with notes of umami richness.
  • 1 Tinga Seasoning
    • Made with bold chipotle morita, sweet panela and tangy tomato; this seasoning adds tang and heat to any dish.

We’d love to know how you put our seasoning and recipes to work – share a review with us once you get cooking!

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Love it!
It was delicious! I have tried it already on jackfruit and Ground turkey tacos. The tacos were savory and smelled amazing! I will definitely keep adding this spice to most of my dishes.
— Anonymous